Our Goal:

We've planted our flag in San Francisco.

During the pandemic, San Francisco experienced an exodus of people leaving the City. We have weathered the storm and are committed to staying and serving.

As we turn ten years old as a church, we have been given the opportunity to root ourselves in San Francisco and position ourselves to serve and love San Francisco in ways we've never been able to do before.

Canvas finally has a long-term home.

When we launched Canvas in 2013, our vision was bigger than Sunday. We did not start Canvas to only offer church services but to be a church of service to San Francisco.

And now you can help turn that vision into a reality.
Welcome to our new home.

385 Moraga Avenue

The vision isn't just church services.

 It is to be a church of service to our City and world.

Take a moment and

imagine with us...

A space for a renewal of faith.

Every Sunday, we will open our doors to all people to experience a loving God in loving community. It will be a space of prayer, worship, healing, and grace where people will discover the Good News of God's love and how to practice the way of Jesus in San Francisco.

A space for impactful collaboration.

A venue for local and global non-profits to share their work and for you to get in on the impact. We will use this building as a way to elevate the voices of people and organizations that are doing impactful work in the world.

A space for creativity.

From a co-working space during the week to workshops led by Bay Area leaders and thinkers. This isn't just a building; it will be an epicenter of creativity and innovation.

A space for the next generation

A safe and fun space for children and families to play and grow together as they root themselves in the City. From after school programs to family workshops, we're committing to invest in the next generation of San Franciscans.

A space to partner with San Francisco leadership

A space that can be used to partner with San Francisco and it's local leadership in a variety of ways in order to build a stronger, safer, and more beautiful future for the city that we all love.

A for-purpose coffee shop.

What if you could make an impact in San Francisco for only the price of a cup of coffee? Now you will be able to as we open up a non-profit coffee shop right in the heart of the Presidio. Every cup of caffeination will be used for transformation in San Francisco.
This would be pretty amazing, right?

Here's what it will take...

We need to raise $1.3m
A big vision is never free. Keep scrolling to learn about where each dollar is going.

From one blank space to four purposeful spaces.

We will divide 385 Moraga Ave. into four separate & purposeful spaces that will serve San Francisco through creating space for community, gathering, the next generation, and a non-profit coffee shop.
Community Space.
Our community space will be open to the public to work, dream, and drink good coffee from our cafe that supports local causes and initiatives. Need time to think, reflect, and pray? You can also do that in our outdoor garden or indoor prayer room.
Gathering Space.
From church gatherings to open mics, Ted Talks, conferences, weddings, and more. We will need to buy chairs, treat the acoustics and upgrade audio and video to make this an impactful and life-changing space for San Francisco.
Next-Gen Space.
We will build a multi-functional indoor space that will be used on Sundays and for weekly activities to invest in children and families to grow and thrive in their faith, community, and passions. We're committed to the next generation of San Franciscans.
Non-Profit Coffee Shop.
  We're using caffeination for transformation as every cup of coffee will be invested back into local causes and initiatives that will build a better and more beautiful future for San Francisco.

The Event Space.

  A space for a variety of events from Sunday worship gatherings, to open mics, weddings, Ted Talks, and more.

The Community Space.

  A co-working and connecting space with a cafe that supports local initiatives.

The Next-Gen Space.

  Where young creators and their families can connect, grow, and play.

A Non-Profit Coffee Shop

  We're using caffeination for transformation as every cup of coffee will be invested back into local causes and initiatives here in San Francisco.

What if you could help shape a city that is shaping the world?

Now you can.

Whether you can give one dollar or one million dollars, your generosity will bring about spiritual growth and social good to those who come to and through San Francisco for years to come.

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