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Park Pods are a bi-weekly space for you to connect with others in person from the Canvas family. Health guidelines are required to attend.

We are currently gathering online every other Sunday at 10:30am. Join us today for our Online Gathering by clicking the link below.

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Why do we exist?

 To point creatives to their Creator, that they would become fully alive followers of Jesus.

So how's your 2020 going?

Without a doubt, all of us have had to make some major adjustments as we navigate the COVID pandemic. It is the same with us as a church. One major adjustment is that we will not be having any large in-person gatherings for the remainder of 2020. Instead, we have committed to a three-phased path forward that will progressively re-introduce physical spaces of worship and community. Join us as we reimagine what it looks like to be the Church in today's world.

Our Values

COVID has changed the world.

These are our values that are guiding us forward as a church community.
We are committed to the spiritual and physical health of the Canvas family

We are committed to standing in solidarity with the vulnerable

We are committed to flourishing San Francisco

We are committed to the Good News of Jesus
Phase One

All digital.

No physical gatherings of any kind will be planned during this phase.
We have been in Phase One since March 2020. In order to stay in alignment with our four values, all gatherings have been moved online.

We will remain in this phase until city and health officials deem it wise to begin to lift restrictions. Once restrictions are lifted we will move to Phase Two.
Phase Two

Digital + Micro-Community.

We will begin to scale back digital spaces and increase physical ones.
During Phase Two we will rotate between Sunday Park Hangouts and our Sunday Online Gatherings. All physical spaces will be required to follow city health and safety guidelines.

Other services offered in Phase Two are:

- Weekly devotional email
- Bi-weekly 1:1 Zoom Prayer
- The Canvas Podcast
Phase Three

Digital + Micro-Church.

Micro-Churches will replace our Sunday Online Gatherings and we'll begin phsyical spaces for worship and prayer.
Phase Three will begin when indoor gatherings of groups are allowed. During Phase Three we will launch Micro-Churches, which are small groups of people meeting in homes for prayer, growth, communion, and mission.

Other services offered in Phase Three are:

- Midweek online teaching
- Weekly devotional
- The Canvas Podcast
- Regular prayer and worship spaces
Ready to connect?

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Connect Groups

Open groups for your to find your people and do fun stuff.


The place to go if you want to grow in your faith with others.
Need a little midweek pick-me-up?

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