Two Lies You Need to Stop Believing Today

Travis Clark

While driving to Santa Cruz with Jena and Finley, I had this mantra pop into my head:

Death to someday.

This was well over a year ago, and that mantra has yet to stop echoing in my heart. On many levels, I think this was a phrase that I needed to hear because I had delayed finishing my book and always had the perfect excuse for why “today” was not the right day to finish it.

But I think this mantra isn’t just for me.

I bet there are some dreams that you have placed on that shelf called “someday.”

Someday I’ll quit this job and do what I am actually passionate about.

Someday I’ll take a break and get some much-needed rest.

Someday I’ll go to that audition.

Someday I’ll finish getting that degree.

Someday I’ll start the blog.

I could keep going.

Because someday has been delaying destinies for some time now.

At some point, if you are ever going to turn your dream into a reality, you are going to have to say “death to someday” and start doing what you need to do today.

Nobody accomplished something because they dreamt about what they were going to do someday. They accomplished something because they decided to get up and do what they could do today.

They did what was possible, and over time, they could accomplish what they thought was impossible.

But there are often two lies that we will need to confront if we will turn someday into today. The two lies are:

1. “I’m too busy.”

I’ve said it, and I bet you have too. And most of the time, it just isn’t true. Most of us have the time to invest a few minutes each day in taking a step closer to the dream that we have. Most of us have the time to…

Update your resume.

Run through the script.

Write down 10 blog ideas.

Schedule a day off.

The myth of success is that it can happen overnight. But success happens and only happens over time. If you think your dream must only happen overnight then, sure, I suppose you probably don’t have time to do that. But when you understand that success happens over time, then you can no longer use that excuse because all of us have the time to nudge our dream forward one inch at a time each day.

And if you still think that you do not have the time, then it is time to ask yourself this simple, yet direct, question:

What am I doing that I shouldn’t be doing?

If you don’t have time to do what matters most, you are investing time in things that don’t matter most.

If I can never save money, the reasoning is pretty simple. You are spending more than you’re taking in. So it is with how you invest your time and how you invest your passion.

Stop giving yourself a pass by saying that you are too busy and start taking control of your time. You will either manage your schedule, or your schedule will manage you.

2. “I’m not ready.”

And you know what? Maybe you’re not, and that’s okay.

Consider this your permission slip. You don’t need to be ready.

But do you know how to ensure that you’re never ready?

Do nothing. Keep delaying. Push it off a little longer. Do what you could do today, someday.

I do not intend to be snarky. But have you ever read a story of someone who changed the world that just woke up one day ready to step into their moment?

Did MLK Jr. wake up ready to start a Civil Rights movement?

Did Steve Jobs wake up ready to change the world through technology?

Did Steph Curry wake up ready to change the game of basketball?

Of course not.

But their ability to be ready for their defining moments came because they lived with a steady commitment to their passion and craft.

There is so much talk today about being ready and not nearly enough talk about being steady.

Yet, your readiness is only the byproduct of your steadiness.

Be steady in your growth.

Be steady in developing your craft.

Be steady in your work.

And when you’re steady today, you’ll be ready someday.

So next time that inner critic starts telling you that “you’re not ready for your moment,” just say, “Maybe not, and that’s okay. But today, I will commit to being steady in my growth.” Because when you’re steady and your moment comes, you’ll be ready.

It’s time to say “death to someday” and start doing the work you can do this day. It’s time to stop living in agreement with these lies. Your life and your future are too valuable to let them collect dust on that “someday” shelf.

You have all of the time you need to make progress today.

You can’t always know if you’re ready, but you can always choose to be steady, and that is a decision that can and must be made today.

Make today your new someday, and I promise that someday you will be doing what you’re dreaming about today.