The secret to endless confidence

Amy B.

There is something about the feeling of a new season. Spring has sprung and it feels good!

I was walking down Union Street last week basking in one of our rare 70+ degree days. I could feel the energy of people being out, being able to go to restaurants again and the pure satisfaction of being in person with people we’ve only seen behind a screen for so long.

It felt exciting. It felt normal. It felt confident.

And then it hit me. How quickly will we get back to normal and forget the past year like it was a bad dream? In our rush to get some sense of control, will we forget the gifts and lessons that 2020 has taught us?

And I get it! There are parts of the last year we will want to forget and wipe from our memory forever. But, one of my biggest lessons that I pray I never forget is where my confidence comes from.

It’s easy to have confidence when things are going well right? When we land the promotion we feel confident in our careers. When we hit that weight goal, we feel confident in our bodies, when we get affirmation from friends and family, we feel confident in ourselves. But, what happens when this all gets stripped away?

2020 showed us that in an instant, the things and the people we find confidence in can be taken away and in that moment all we are left with is who we are.

I was recently listening to a podcast and the speaker said this profound statement, “where your confidence comes from will determine when it runs out.” While body confidence is great, news flash, our bodies change, we grow old, we (women) have babies. If our confidence is in our careers then we hand our boss power to strip us of our faith. If our confidence is in our friends, family, or significant other, we are relying on their beliefs and affirmation to fuel our sense of worth.

In Psalm 27:13 David is crying out to God and says, “I remain confident of this, I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

I will remain confident! I love that statement of faith that no matter what is going on around me, I will remain confident in the Lord.

God hasn’t stopped being good. He hasn’t stopped being faithful. But confidence isn’t a feeling. It’s a decision to trust and remain steady despite the circumstances around you.

I don’t know what the last twelve months have dealt you. I don’t know where you’re at today, if you’re moving through 2021 with optimism and hope or if you feel defeated and frustrated. I do know this, you are not people’s opinion of you. You are not the loss, pain, confusion of the past year. You are God’s masterpiece.

Can you repeat this today? No matter what has happened, no matter who leaves, no matter what others may say, no matter how new or unfamiliar the road ahead is to travel, I will choose to remain confident that God is good, He is faithful, and He has the last say.