Local & Global Justice Partnerships

Be a means to somebody else's end

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1. Your giving = Breakthrough.
Every time you give your generosity is going towards justice work both locally and globally.
2. Partner with their work.

From  SF to Kenya, there will be opportunities to join their work.
Let's make a difference.

Meet our Justice Partners

Belwop Rescue Center

Belwop Rescue Center provides a home, education, and support for orphans in Nyeri, Kenya.

Nyeri, Kenya

Rose Women's Foundation

Rose Women's Foundation equips and empowers women in Kenya with the skills and resources needed to start their own businesses.

Nairobi, Kenya

International Justice Mission

IJM exists to fight the war against Sex Trafficking. Canvas is committed to resourcing the work happening at their Philippines Headquarters.


City Impact

City Impact has been serving those in need in the Tenderloin for over 30 years. From food programs to their school, they are intervening on behalf of the need in San Francisco.

San Francisco

Marina Middle School

Marina Middle School is shaping the next generation. We are committed to supporting and resourcing their faculty and campus.

San Francisco

Because Justice Matters

Because Justice Matters exists to build pathways to brighter futures for women and girls in urban communities

San Francisco

City Center Church

City Center Church is a new church launching in Berekely, CA, in 2020 led by Pastor Raymond and Rachel Hudson.

Berkely, CA

Corey Evan Leak

Corey Leak is doing incredible racial justice advocacy work through his podcast, Existential. We are excited to support Corey's important voice and be a part of anti-racism work as a church.

Bay Area

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