Connect Groups

Find your people.
Do fun stuff.

Find your people. Do fun stuff. winner-winner.

1. Open Groups.
Join a Connect Groups at any time.
2. Interest-based.
Find people with similar interests.
3. Low-Commitment.
Join as many as you'd like, attend as frequently as you're able.

Connect Group Questions

What is a Connect Group?
A Connect Group is a place for you to find people with similar interests and do fun stuff together. Connect Groups meet at least 3 times each quarter and are open to anyone and everyone.
When do Connect Groups happen?
Connect Groups run quarterly at Canvas: January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. A Connect Group can meet for just one quarter or can re-apply to meet again the following quarter.
Who can lead a Connect Group?
Connect Groups are run by Hosts. Hosts can be anyone in the Canvas family who loves Jesus, loves people and has gone through Belong.
What types of Connect Groups are there?
Activities - Love cooking? Love running? Whatever activity you enjoy doing, if it's not illegal and if it's not sin, then invite others to do it with you.

Hang Outs - Hang Outs are an easy way to get people of the same profession, demographic or even in the same geographic area to get together… ie Teacher Hang Outs, Mom Hang Outs or SOMA Hang Outs.

Serving - The best way to build strong community is to be on mission together. Join others in serving the city through volunteering with a non-profit or serving people in need.

Studies - Interested in reading a specific book or studying a specific topic? Get to know each other while learning together.
Love to run? Write? Develop your leadership? Perfect your pour-over skills?

5 steps to host a Connect Group


Make a plan

The most successful Connect Groups will be ideas that you’re personally excited about. They are clear, comfortable, and most of all, fun. Pick at least 3 meet up dates for your Connect Group to meet within the upcoming quarter at Canvas (January - March, April - June, July - September, October - December).


Submit application

Submit an application for Hosting a Connect Group on the Canvas app or online. After you’ve submitted your group plans, you’ll work with a Connect Group Leader to confirm the details for your launch day, and complete a sixty-second background check and waiver. You’ll also be resourced with a Connect Group Launch Kit to help guide you through the rest of the process.


Invite people

Now you’ll invite your friends to jump in with you. If you’re a part of a Rooted Family, consider inviting them to host the Connect Group with you and to invite their friends along. Your Connect Group will also be publicly communicated on the Connect Groups webpage and in the Canvas app.



You’ll remind your Connect Group sign ups of the event details a couple days before the meet-up, as well as collect any necessary waivers and remind them what to bring.



You can use the email follow-up template included in your Launch Kit to thank people for attending, collect any photos and video, and hear back about their experience.

Ready to go?

If you are ready to take the next step to launching your Connect Group, please click the link below to submit your application!